Live Whole Yoga agree that by making conscious purchases we will be the generation to create a global movement of sustainability which will insure the protection of Mother Earth for generations to come. 

How does LIVE WHOLE YOGA contribute? From the sale of every Live Whole Yoga mat we donate part of our profits to buying back land for conservation in support of Rainforest Trust.

Why Rainforest Trust? Rainforest trust donate 100% of their contributions to their projects & only a small percentage of the contributions made go to marketing, and administration costs.


The modern day yoga mats have become a natural disaster as they are made from all types of harmful chemical compounds like PVC, TPE & Plasticisers which go into landfill and contribute to the devastation of mother nature. Imagine how this could also be affecting your health whilst getting hot and sweaty on your yoga mat, or doing Pranayama. 



Our vision and motto is to "CREATE A GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW." When you purchase a Live Whole Yoga mat you are actively participating in our mission to create a 100% conscious brand in the global marketplace. We strive to be the leaders in innovation of sustainable, chemical free, biodegradable & functional products that are made with integrity and in line with Live Whole Yoga's core values.

Together with your contribution & education we will be the change we want to see in the world, this change starts here & through the creation of everyday products that are made with mother nature as our first priority. 

Why are Live Whole Yoga Mats Environmental?

The Live Whole Yoga mat is a 100% chemical free innovation that is biodegradable, fair-trade, sustainable & made from organic resources. Our mats are manufactured with love in Sri Lanka where all of the mats compounds are grown, harvested & made in a sustainable way that is in line with our core values.

Our mats are made from durable natural tree rubber & reinforced with coconut coir fibre making them perfect for not only your yoga practice but as a home gym flooring solution & as a non toxic play area for your children. Our mats are recyclable, biodegradable & can be planted in the garden at the end of their lives as they are compostable.