Have you ever used an essential oil and thought, “Essential oils just don’t work for me!”

This is probably because you were using a diluted essential oil that could have been adulterated. When this happens, the oil loses its potency which results in the oil not having noticeable effect.

Essential oils can either be contaminated or adulterated. Contamination is unintentional and usually happens when there is unexperienced and insufficient equipment being used. Adulteration is completely intentional and means lowering the quality of a substance by adding another substance to it.

80%of essential oils are adulterated in some way.

We are committed to providing you the best quality of essential oil that money can buy. A great deal of time and effort is put into providing the highest quality oil.

We are proud to say that quality is our priority. We can confidently say, you will be receiving the highest quality and most pure essential oil with every doTERRA bottle you purchase.