My name is Crystal King

Thank you for taking the time to connect and empower yourselves and others by wanting to learn more. I help people get started on their essential oils journey by offering a FREE doTERRA essentials oil consultation. This can be done face to face or on a scheduled call. “CLICK I AM READY” to schedule your FREE consultation today. I am deeply passionate about helping others be empowered and educated about REAL health instead of band-aid health.

I choose to align myself with doTERRA because of the quality, efficacy and authenticity of the Company and Products.
I have been using doTERRA for 5 years and have seen incredible results with positive long term outcomes; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“doTERRA Essential Oils are an extension of me, I wear, cook, diffuse and apply the oils in my every day life that its hard not to share what you know works and has had profound effects on my health personally & by helping others.”

Can you see yourself creating a side business that starts off by creating extra income and as it grows has the potential to replace your income?

My intention is to set you up with all the right tools and provide you with the knowledge & resources you need to create financial freedom to do the things you love.

This business allows you the opportunity to completely multiply and replace your income.

The best part of this business model is that there are no pushy sales.

doTERRA is purely formed with authentic connections made by helping others with flow and ease, using the products and sharing!

Join doTERRA with me and let's share a better understanding of health, wellness & prosperity.


You can work around your current lifestyle, whether you work full time, study, or are a stay at home mum.

This may be you:

◆ You're focused on using doTERRA essential oils & supplements to support the health and well-being of yourself and others.

◆ You find joy in sharing what you learn with others.

◆ You're motivated to earn an income that allows you to finally create the life of your dreams?

◆ You have the energy and enthusiasm to work on your business.

◆ You want to be your own boss.

◆ You're willing to continually learn and educate yourself about doTERRA products and business.

◆ You're ready to invest the time to create a solid team.

Contact me on here to connect, ask questions and get educated on this life giving business model. I look forward to helping you help others and empowering yourself and those around you. Xxx