Lactation Consultant - "Simone Casey"

Morning all, I would like to introduce Simone Casey, Author, Lactation consultant, mother of 3 & registered with the (IBCLC).

As we all know breast is best but in some cases can be a difficult process. This is where a lactation consultant comes in, providing nurturing guidence, wisdom & skills to assist you along your journey of effective breast feeding. Simone is based in Melbourne & in the process of setting up her clinic, Simone also writes for the Kora Organics Blog & all her details will be up on the Kora Blog once Simone's clinic & Facebook page are officially set up & open to the public.

There are many health benefits associated with breast feeding & not to mention the abundant array of nutrients e.g. Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, Pre/Pro Biotics & Essential Fatty Acids in breast milk which will set your babies immune system up for life & feed their vital source giving them optimal health.

Knowledge is power & this modality is much needed in today's society. If you do need help with breast feeding, don;t give up & consult your Lactation practitioner.

All the Best Simone :-)