Nutrition tips - Raw Kale, Dehydrated snacks & using the senses for digestion

This Weeks Tips
(SMELL) Stop for a moment breathe & smell your food before indulging your taste buds as this will stimulate your digestive system. A stimulated digestive system = efficient absorption & a comfortable digestive process. Try this for one week, see if you can build a routine & before you think to smell your memory repsonse will be on auto drive... SMELL!

SNACK or TREAT  - Dehydrated fruit is the perfect snack to replace packaged snacks, they are jamed packed with nutritional goodness & are 100% natural. In today's society kids lunch boxes are full of packaged snack foods which as we all know contain harmful chemicals & additives which effect concentration, mood, energy levels, blood sugar levels & children who suffer from attention deficit disorders. If you don't own a dehydrater don't stress it, these goodies are available from all good health food stores & bulk food stores. Some of my favorite dehydrated snacks include bananas, mangos, strawberries & apples.

RAW GOODNESS - Kale can sometimes be a little corse for some peoples liking when used as a base in nourishing raw salads, here is a tip that will raw cook your kale whilst still locking in all those essential nutrients we all love. Once your Kale has been washed & chopped, place in a large salad bowl & squeeze over half a lemon & half a lime followed by a sprinkle of either Himalayan or Celtic rosk salts. The enzymes & acids in the citrus will cook the kale leaves & turn them a beautiful shade of fluresent green, allow to sit for 15 mins for raw cooking time.

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